Mooks began life as the original Australian streetwear brand back in 1991, the brainchild of pro skaters Peter & Steven Hill, along with notorious graphic design genius Richard Allan.


Taking the name from the classic 1973 Martin Scorsese film, “Mean Streets”, Mooks is old New York slang for a wise guy, hipster, a hustler or even
a fool.  Mooks quickly became one of Australia’s most iconic streetwear labels, gathering a strong, rapidly expanding fan base.


Fuelled by a wicked sense of humour and ability to surprise, leading-edge graphics were melded with inspired design to create truly iconic clothing. Thisharp, witty and dark devilment provided the inspiration behind the Mooks logo, the Horned Light Bulb and Trident.


Originally, Mooks was an infamous tongue-in-cheek T-shirt range with
a slightly dark, dry and witty edge. The label was worn and supported by "in-the-know creatives" who understood their underlying messages.


Today, Mooks Clothing Co. has rapidly expanded, offering innovative streetwear collections for all ages.